T in the Park: Craig David. Mate, Craig David

T in the Park: Craig David. Mate, Craig David.

You remember Craig David, right? No? Here's a quick refresher ahead of his Sunday slot at TITP

We seek to Fill You In on some Craig David trivia ahead of his gig at T in the Park 2016. Sadly, the show will not be lasting for the full 7 Days.

He’s Craig David
Yeah, Craig David aka the R’n’B smoothie that taught the world it’s totally legit to make half your lyrics your own name, literally years before Jason Derulo started doing it. Craig. David.

AKA Craig Daaaay-vid
OK, maybe he didn’t actually start every song with his own name, but why let a little thing like facts ruin a good joke? Leigh Francis (who went on to create that other bastion of British character comedy, Keith Lemon) made C-Davez the (big, rubbery) face of Bo’ Selecta, and the rest, as they say, is Craig David. You know how you can only say Matt Damon in that one specific voice post-Team America? It’s the exact same thing as that.

Craig David’s debut album, Born to Do It, is the second greatest album of all time
Yeah, of all time. Craig David. Forget Sgt Pepper, forget OK Computer, forget whichever album we didn’t name third and to why the hell did we even mention Sgt Pepper and OK Computer because, really, didn’t The List use to be better than this? According to an MTV viewer’s poll in 2009 (aha, context), Born to Do It is the second greatest album of all time. After Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Which … OK yeah, that’s a solid shout.

Craig David worked with Sting
The collaboration nobody knew they wanted: Craig David and the man everyone in the world wished they didn’t know loves tantric sex. And you know what? It’s aged pretty well, not unlike the bulk of Craig David’s other output. It’s music to slow-dance to, and is perfectly fit for purpose. Although that key change at the end is murder.

Craig David all over your boink
In the 17 years since the release of ‘Re-Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo' Selecta)’, The List is still to find out exactly where and what our ‘boinkboink’ is; if we even have one. But in the event we do have a ‘boink’, we’re almost 100% certain Craig David is all over it.

This whole time we should have been talking about Craig David’s TS5
Yeah, cos here’s the thing, it’s not Craig David playing T in the Park solo: it’s his high-profile Miami-based party imprint, playing R’n’B, hip hop, house, dubstep and dancehall. Craig mainly DJs, with some MCing on occasion, but it’s less about him, more about listening and dancing to great urban music. Which, all snark aside, sounds to us like a fairly fun sunny afternoon slot at T in the Park.

Craig David met a girl on Monday. He took her for a drink on Tuesday. They were making love by Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday and Saturday. He plays T in the Park on Sun 10 Jul.

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