Jamie Laing's girlfriend is 'goofy'

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  • 5 June 2016
Jamie Laing

Jamie Laing

Jamie Laing has fallen for his girlfriend Francesca Gaff's "goofy" ways

Jamie Laing thinks his girlfriend is "goofy."

The 'Made in Chelsea' hunk has only just started dating his lover Frankie Gaff but has admitted he's already fallen for her cheeky down-to-earth personality and loves how dopey she comes across, despite the fact she's really "sharp."

Asked what he adores about Frankie, Jamie said: "She's so goofy! People who are goofy give off this sort of feeling that they don't have the ability to do anything but they actually have the ability to do everything.

"They seem they don't know anything that's going on but really they know everything that's going on, she's a lot sharper than she lets on."

Despite the pair being tied together on the show, Jamie admitted that it was not his decision alone to introduce his new flame to the world of cameras, although he thinks she's coping very well with the invasive career.

Jamie, who is known for his womanising ways, explained: "In a sense I suppose she came on the show with me because I was on it but it's kind of their decision in the end and it's also a big decision to make as well because you're putting your life in front of everyone- and dating me as well which is kind of - I mean the track records not the best."

Jamie is currently supporting the #MalibuSummerFridays campaign, encouraging bosses to let workers finish at 3pm on Fridays to enjoy the sunshine www.malibusummerfridays.com.

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