Garbage can't 'compete with young hipster bands'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 June 2016


Garbage drummer Butch Vig admits that the band will never be able to compete with modern "hipster" groups

Garbage's Butch Vig doesn't think they will never be able to "compete" with today's "hipster young bands".

The 'Why Do You Love Me?' hitmaker says there is "no pressure" for them to release music that will be a hit in the charts as they don't feel the need to "reinvent" themselves to be cool like current pop stars.

In an interview with Faster Louder, the 60-year-old rocker said: "Really the pressure comes from ourselves.

"And I wouldn't even say there is that much pressure because we are all able to get on the same wavelength about what we want to do.

"The good thing is, we know we're not going to get any top 40 airplay and we can't compete with all the hipster young bands out there.

"We are who we are and for better or worse if you hear a Garbage song on the radio it sounds like us and we sort of that that as a badge of honour now.

"It's like we have a sound and it's who we are and we just embrace it. And that takes some pressure off, like we don't feel like we have to reinvent ourselves."

Butch's comments echo lead singer Shirley Manson's recent thoughts about feeling "miserable" during the height of their career.

She previously said: "When I was most successful I was never more miserable.

"I had everything I thought I wanted and it didn't make me feel good in any way.

"When attention and success fell away I had to engineer a lovely life, independent of external validation.

"Find small things that make you happy - a great cup of coffee, meditation, walking the dog, dancing - and inject them into your life. What's the secret to a great coffee? I don't know but I married a man who does.

"Little things that can be prepared to be enjoyed are priceless."

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