Patrick Pulsinger


Name Patrick Pulsinger

Occupation DJ/Producer

What’s the skinny? Well, Mr Pulsinger is basically one of those people that can produce, compose, play and remix virtually any genre of music and make it sound like the best thing you’ve heard since you grew ears.

Can you give me examples? Well he set up the label Cheap with pal Erdam Tunaken in 1993 and produced such talent as Christopher Just and the great Khan. He has also remixed artists such as Pet Shop Boys, DJ Hell, Grace Jones and David Holmes and his releases have appeared on labels as diverse as Disko B, Mo’Wax, Kitty Yo and Hell’s International Deejay Gigolos.

So, the guy has a pretty broad record collection then? His DJ sets are world renowned. He was a true German techno kid back in the day but his interest in vintage music and production values meant that he was always experimenting with different types of sounds in his DJ sets long before it became fashionable to be eclectic. You are just as likely to hear disco and funk mixed in with the more obscure end of house and hip hop as techno.

Anything else I should know? He has also worked with pop pixie prodigy Patrick Wolfe on his third album The Magic Position and not one to put all his eggs in one basket he has worked on film scores for independent films and animations and has dipped his toe in the art world by working on sound installations in Vienna with sculptor and painter Tobias Pils.

Patrick Pulsinger DJs at Kinky Afro at the Sub Club, Glasgow Fri 29 Dec.

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