Louis Smith's Tinder toilet sessions

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  • 31 May 2016
Louis Smith

Louis Smith

Louis Smith has admitted he only uses Tinder when he's taking a poop because he'd rather find a potential love interest the traditional way rather than online

Louis Smith uses dating apps when he's on the toilet.

The 27-year-old Olympic gymnast joined the mobile service just weeks after he split from his girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh in February but he has admitted he finds the site "boring" and only goes on it when he's taking a poop.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Louis said: "Yeah (I'm on Tinder). I don't know how to use it to be honest - it was more of something to pass the time when I'm on the toilet. It's so convenient it becomes boring to talk to random people.

"I'd prefer to see someone at a bar and try and approach them that way. Social media is just too convenient."

Louis is now on the hunt to find a new woman but doesn't want to get too attached to anyone until after he's competed in the 2016 Olympic Games which are being held in Rio between August 5 -26, 2016.

He explained: "I'm still single - I'm not planning on getting involved with women until after Rio."

And when asked if he'd date someone in showbiz, he replied: "I think it depends on the person, how they are, their personality and their view s and morals."

But, although he's giving women and Tinder the cold shoulder, Louis has developed a new found love for food.

He said: "Now I'm getting older I'm becoming more of a foodie - I have a group chat on WhatsApp with my friends called Old Man's Food Group, so midweek, I'll say to the boys 'It's coming to the weekend guys, anyone fancy going out for some food and then we will name a few restaurants to see who hasn't been somewhere and see what reviews some will have, book it and go for some food and have a catch up to see what everyone's been up to. I'm making the transition now, it's not all about going out when you've got the free time and getting drunk, it's about enjoying the social times you have with a glass of wine and some nice food - I'm getting old."

Louis, as an ambassador for the Great Starts campaign, invited Kellogg's to film his morning routine ahead of the Olympic Games in Rio this summer.

The public are being urged to share how they start the day right by using #GreatStarts which will enter them into an exclusive competition to win a pair of tickets to the Olympic Games. Visitwww.kelloggs.co.uk/greatstarts for further information

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