Chris Evans 'reduced a Top Gear producer to tears'

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  • 29 May 2016
Chris Evans

Chris Evans

New 'Top Gear' host Chris Evans reduced a senior member of staff to tears after launching a 20-minute rant at production staff, a report has claimed

Chris Evans reportedly ranted at the cast and crew of 'Top Gear' for 20 minutes before recording an episode of the programme.

The 50-year-old TV host is said to have reduced a senior female producer to tears after he ranted about a script for an upcoming episode of the show.

A source shared: "Chris was late to Dunsfold to record the second episode of the show.

"All the cast and crew were assembled and waiting for him. He was clearly in a bad mood and had a face like thunder when he arrived.

"The team were going through the script and running order for the day's shooting ahead. He then, for no apparent reason, completely lost his temper."

Chris' reported rant was witnessed by the former 'Friends' actor and new 'Top Gear' co-host Matt LeBlanc, who is said to have been "embarrassed" by the incident.

The insider told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "He shouted for 20 minutes. One senior female producer appeared to be shaking and had tears in her eyes. This was an experienced member of staff. About 20 people were present, including Matt LeBlanc.

"He seemed embarrassed and didn't know where to look as Chris was ranting and raving. The atmosphere felt intimidating."

Meanwhile, Chris has revealed he fears he will die while filming dangerous stunts for the programme.

The father-of-four told the Sunday People newspaper: "I really love my kids and I really love my wife.

"But if I am gonna go in the next few years, maybe this is the way I would prefer to go."

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