Lauren Pope was nervous for TOWIE film

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  • 28 May 2016
Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope has admitted she was always riddled with nerves when she filmed scenes for 'The Only Way is Essex'

Lauren Pope struggled to shake off her nerves when she filmed scenes for 'The Only Way is Essex'

The 33-year-old reality TV star - who quit the show last year following a five-year run on the hit ITVBe series - has revealed she always felt anxious during filming, and was conscious a "nice scene" would turn into a raucous row, although she was vaguely briefed beforehand.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about feeling uneasy the Essex-based programme, the blonde beauty said: "Yes, I was nervous all the time. All the time. Even when you are doing a nice scene where you and the girls are going for lunch or something, you are still sat there in the back of your head thinking 'Is someone going to walk in, are they going to tell me something bad?'

"Normally you can get a feel, because you are briefed before each filming session, you can kind of get a gist if it's a good or a bad thing. So that kind of sets you up for it."

Although Lauren has confessed she misses the show and is keen to make a comeback, she doesn't miss the stress of it and doesn't think the producers would ask her back unless she had "a group" of pals on the show.

Speaking previously about whether she has completely closed the door on going back to the programme, she said: "No, not at all, and I'd like to think they haven't from their side either. But apart from Vas, I check in with a few of the girls to say 'Hello' and stuff, but my only genuine friend on it now is Vas so you kind of need a group really, I think, to go back on it.

"At times I do [miss 'The Only Way Is Essex'], yes, and I miss some of the people. When you're filming it can be a laugh, especially on the days when you are filming a night out or an event, and you all have a drink and it would be fun, but the anxiousness of stressful situations, I do not miss one bit.

"I weirdly enjoy watching it more now that I am not on it."

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