Sian Williams had a secret double mastectomy after breast cancer diagnosis

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  • 26 May 2016
Sian Williams

Sian Williams

Sian Williams had a secret double mastectomy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year

Sian Williams has had a double mastectomy.

The 51-year-old newsreader, who formerly presented 'BBC Breakfast', decided to undergo the operation after she was diagnosed with breast cancer a week after her 50th birthday last year.

She said: "The week after my 50th birthday I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought I was healthy. I did all the right things - I was a green tea drinker, a salmon eater, a runner ...

"Nobody knew I'd had the operation apart from the children's teacher. I'd go and pick them up with these big drain bottles dangling down, which I'd try to hide with my coat ... I have a caesarean scar, and these scars are just like that; scars you carry from previous experiences.

"In the same way you have to acknowledge previous traumas, you have to acknowledge that scars are a part of your body. I look at my body and I think, 'you're bloody lucky you're here, Sian.' "

The brunette beauty was terrified the disease would take her life and she would miss out on watching her children Seth, eight, and six-year-old daughter Evie, whom she has with husband Paul Woolwich, and Joss, 23 and Alex, 21 - her grown-up kids from a previous marriage - live their lives.

She explained: "My biggest fear was not being there as a mum - and for some unfathomable reason, I couldn't stop thinking that I want to be here for my daughter Evie to watch her get married.

"My aunt died of breast cancer, and I'd lost my mum to liver and bowel cancer - and I gradually began to realise how bewildered and scared I was."

However, Sian was so determined to remain strong throughout her battle that she actually found herself lashing out at her husband Paul, who she married in 2006, from time-to-time.

Speaking to Woman and Home magazine, she said: "I was horrible to Paul at times because I was so intent on being strong that I didn't feel I could share my fears with him.

"He never knew if I was "strong capable Sian" or if I needed help, which was very confusing for him. And we had some really explosive moments and furious rows as a result."

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