EastEnders' Danny-Boy Hatchard teases 'sad ending' for Lee and Whitney

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  • 26 May 2016
Danny-Boy Hatchard as Lee-Carter

Danny-Boy Hatchard as Lee-Carter

EastEnders' Danny-Boy Hatchard doesn't know what's in store for his alter-ego Lee Carter and fiancee Whitney Dean but has predicted there could be a "sad ending" for the square's young couple

EastEnders' Danny-Boy Hatchard thinks his alter-ego Lee Carter and fiancee Whitney Dean could have a "sad ending".

The 25-year-old actor - who has starred as the ex-Army boy in the soap since 2014 - has predicted a rocky patch could ruin the couple's relationship before they even walk down the isle.

Danny-Boy doesn't know what the show's writers have in store for the couple but teased: "I would like to see him have a happy ending but I'd like there to be a journey there first.

"They like to see a bit of struggle. A bit of this and a bit of that. And then finally reaching the end product. That might not necessarily happen. It may well be a sad ending... I have to guess and prepare whatever it is they throw at me."

However, the hunk thinks Lee and the vulnerable barmaid - played by Shona McGarty for eight years - are well suited because she has helped him come out of his shell.

He told the Mail Online: "[Lee] acts like a bit of a chameleon but secretly underneath he's be afraid to show his true colours. He'll eventually get there. When he's around Whitney, especially, he comes out of his shell a little bit more."

He added: "I'm sure it will be brilliant whatever happens. Lee and Whitney have been together for a long, long time - for 'EastEnders' anyway."

Meanwhile, Shona, 24, wants her alter-ego Whitney Dean to have a "really tacky wedding".

desperate for her character to walk down the aisle and get hitched but believes the nuptials will be outrageous and her dress will be covered in lights.

She explained: "I'd love Whitney to have a really tacky wedding. I'm going to put that out there and make it happen. I'd love to wear a big dress with lights on."

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