Sarah-Jane Mee supports WWF campaign

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  • 25 May 2016
Sarah-Jane Mee

Sarah-Jane Mee posing for WWF's Wear It Wild day

Sarah-Jane Mee has given a hand to wildlife and posed with stunning tiger hand designs in honour of WWF's Wear It Wild day

Sarah-Jane Mee has given a hand to wildlife in honour of WWF's Wear It Wild day.

The Sky Sports presenter posed with some stunning tiger body art in honour of the rise in wild tigers and to raise awareness of the World Wildlife Fund's campaign, which aims to raise money to protect endangered wildlife around the world by donning animal fancy dress on May 27.

The initiative is part of a bid to preserve more species from becoming extinct, as more than half of the planet's wildlife has gone in the past 40 years and lots more are under threat of extinction within our lifetime.

The 37-year-old presenter is calling for as many people as possible to "take action" by being a part of the upcoming fundraiser.

She said: "It's shocking to think that since 1970, wildlife populations have fallen by half and sadly many beautiful species could become extinct within our lifetime.

"WWF's Wear it Wild event on Friday 27th May is a great way to take action and help protect the world's incredible wildlife whilst also having lots of fun and inspiring others to take part in a really positive, simple event."

As well as dressing up, people are encouraged to #GiveAHandToWildlife by getting creative and sharing hand paintings - no matter how simple or elaborate - on social media through the hashtag.

Share your creations by mentioning @wwf_uk on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - be sure to include #WearItWild and #GiveAHandToWildlife.

For more information on the initiative, visit

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