White Dee to lose house

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  • 25 May 2016
White Dee

White Dee

White Dee has found herself on the brink of a financial breakdown

White Dee is on the brink of losing her home.

The 'Benefits Street' star - whose real name is Deirdre Kelly - has reportedly banked more than £1 million over the past two years but she's now found herself in the middle of a financial meltdown following her recent split from her management.

A statement released to ITV News on behalf of the star claimed Dee had "worked a lot, learnt a lot, but not earned a lot" over the course of the last 24 months and is now hoping to claw back the cash through new opportunities.

The spokesperson added: "In fact she finds herself after many TV appearances, personal appearances and pilot shows both in the UK and abroad, near to losing her home and back to square one, again - through no fault of her own, and not for the want of hard work!

"Now under the new management of Team Dee, she is finding her confidence again and looking at all the many opportunities open to her."

The 44-year-old star shot to fame after featuring on the controversial show 'Benefits Street', which documents the lives of unemployed residents living in Winson Green, Birmingham, relying on government payouts to get by in life, in January 2014.

Despite the backlash the programme received at the time, Dee managed to win over the hearts of the nation when she competed on 'Celebrity Big Brother' eight months later.

Dee - who was reportedly paid £100,000 to take part on the programme - finished in fifth place but wasn't short of work afterwards as Channel 5 agreed to make a one-off documentary about her.

Meanwhile, although she's seemingly struggling to juggle her finances at the moment, the bubbly star certainly isn't short of work as it's believed she's to make a cameo in the next series of 'Benidorm' - alongside Sherrie Hewson and Jake Canuso - when it returns to screens next year.

Her former manager, Barry Tomes, said previously: "I always thought she would be brilliant in the series. I can imagine her sharing benefit tips by the pool while rubbing in the baby oil. It would be TV gold. It's a show that she has wanted to be on more than anything."

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