Shirley Manson was unhappy with success

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  • 22 May 2016
Shirley Manson

Shirley Manson

Garbage singer Shirley Manson was "miserable" at the height of her success

Shirley Manson was "miserable" at the height of her success.

The Garbage singer - who is married to producer Billy Bush - was dismayed to discover fulfilling her career dreams didn't make her "feel good", but has now learned to understand the importance of finding the joy in small things.

She said: "When I was most successful I was never more miserable.

"I had everything I thought I wanted and it didn't make me feel good in any way.

"When attention and success fell away I had to engineer a lovely life, independent of external validation.

"Find small things that make you happy - a great cup of coffee, meditation, walking the dog, dancing - and inject them into your life. What's the secret to a great coffee? I don't know but I married a man who does.

"Little things that can be prepared to be enjoyed are priceless."

One of the things that makes Shirley happiest is listening to records with her friends.

She said: "A few years ago a flood destroyed my entire vinyl collection. My heart was broken.

"Then for my birthday last year I got a turntable and reinvested by record collection. It's brought me so much pleasure.

"Really listening to a record is magical. I've encouraged my friends to do the same and we have Vinyl Nights.

"It's life-enhancing, a meditation of course."

The 49-year-old star has learned more about living in the moment too.

She told Q magazine: "I used to really concern myself with the past and my own darkness.

"I have no floor to my darkness, I could examine it forever.

"As I got older, I became aware of my mortality. I might die tomorrow so let's make now as pleasant as possible.

"Getting older has been nothing but pleasant, I feel so much better as a human.

"When I was young I felt so unhappy, uncomfortable, unsafe and uncertain.

"I don't know why everyone harps on about how great it is to be young 'cos it's actually torturous. Getting older taught me how to live."


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