Ricci Guarnaccio reveals details of his fling with Sheridan Smith

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  • 22 May 2016
Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith

Reality TV star Ricci Guarnaccio claims to have enjoyed a steamy two-night fling with actress Sheridan Smith

Ricci Guarnaccio claims to have enjoyed a steamy fling with Sheridan Smith.

The 29-year-old reality TV star said he slept with Sheridan in 2015, but despite her status as one of Britain's most popular actresses, he was unaware of who she was at the time.

He shared: "It definitely would not have happened if we had not been drunk.

"We were on the same level and she knew this was a bit of fun, that we were going to get with each other and that was it."

Sheridan is currently absent from her scheduled appearances in the West End theatre production 'Funny Girl' after suffering from stress and exhaustion.

The actress took a break from the show after her father was diagnosed with cancer.

Although Ricci has not kept in touch with Sheridan following their fling last year, the 'Geordie Shore' star said he is willing to offer his support.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "She seems to have gone from being a confident, normal girl to someone very vulnerable who is at the risk of being destroyed by fame."

This comes shortly after David Walliams said he feels "compassion" for Sheridan, and pleaded with fans to support her decision to have time off.

The popular comedian said: "I feel a lot of compassion for Sheridan. I love her she is like a sister to me. She is obviously going through a very serious issue with her family. In any other job you would be allowed some time off, wouldn't you? I think she should definitely be allowed this time off."

Meanwhile, Natasha Barnes - who is currently in the lead role of Fanny Brice as Sheridan's understudy - also confessed to being worried about her friend.

She said: "This is absolutely the pinnacle of my career. Because for eight years I've been losing out to people who had bigger profiles than me and to be here now, and getting standing ovations is amazing.

"But because Sheridan's a friend and we're a family, it's never going to feel whole without her here. When I'm on stage I don't have time to consider it but backstage before and after the show there is this absence. I miss her and worry about her and I hope that she's alright."

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