Brian Blessed: Peter Capaldi was once mistaken for a transvestite

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  • 18 May 2016
Brian Blessed leaving the Loose Women studios

Brian Blessed leaving the Loose Women studios

'Flash Gordon' star Brian Blessed has recalled the time he punched Peter Capaldi in the face and hospital staff mistook the 'Doctor Who' star for a cross-dresser

Brian Blessed has revealed Peter Capaldi was mistaken for a transvestite by hospital staff after he punched him.

The 'Doctor Who' star was rushed to hospital after being knocked out from an accidental blow by Blessed 20 years ago when they were filming 'The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling'.

The 79-year-old actor has revealed the nurses were confused by Capaldi, 58, when they took him into hospital because he was dressed in "pansy" clothes for his role as Lord Fellamar.

During an appearance on 'Loose Women', Blessed was asked by panellist Ruth Langsford if the story he had "knocked out Doctor Who was true", to which he replied: "It's true! Oh dear. It was Peter Capaldi. I was doing 'Tom Jones' and playing Squire Western and Peter came towards me in this fight sequence.

"We did it beautifully and then they insisted on putting one more punch in and - I promise you it's Peter's fault, because I was Yorkshire schoolboy boxing champion - he put his head forward too quickly and whomp. He's down, he's out.

"We got the death rattle. They rushed him to hospital but course he'd got all these pansy clothes on so they thought he was a transvestite."

Blessed once starred in 'Doctor Who' playing King Yrcanos in the 1986 serial 'Mindwarp' opposite Sixth Doctor Colin Baker, and teased he would love to join Capaldi in the show, so that they could "fight again".

He said previously: "I would love to be in Doctor Who, if they could find me another part, at least so Peter and I could fight again!"

The 'Flash Gordon' star is well known for his fantastic stories and regaled viewers with another wild tale, which involved him delivering a baby in a car park.

Speaking to the 'Loose Women' gang, he said: "In 1964 ... a woman called to me in Italian, 'I'm having a baby.' So I hitched up her clothes, press press press, breathe breathe breathe, out came the head.

"I took off my white shirt, put the baby in it, nipped off the afterbirth, put it in a knot, got rid of the afterbirth and then I pressed her tummy for clots and I shouted for help, 'Help, help, she's had a baby!'

"An ambulance came along and she went off in it, true."

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