Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 – ‘Book of the Stranger’

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 – ‘Book of the Stranger’

Dany fires the Dothraki and there's a Stark family party at Castle Black

Every Tuesday morning, Rebecca Monks and Scott Henderson sit down to discuss last night's Game of Thrones episode over email. Unfortunately for the former, the latter is on holiday this week. Starved for conversation, Rebecca tried another colleague – Kirstyn Smith. The results weren't quite the same, but that's not going to stop Rebecca yammering away.


Hi buddy! Big week, right? Tyrion is back to his political scheming, Dany is back to emerging from flames, some branches of the Stark family tree are blown together at last. I think this was the most exciting episode of the series so far.

For me, the most important thing was the renewal of Dany's storyline. As you know, I've been feeling disconnected with her character. Initially, she was so progressive, developing from a frightened child to a fearless leader, whilst discovering her own inner strength, sexuality and personality. For a while, it felt like we lost her somewhere out there in Mereen, as she sat atop that pyramid, watching the world move on without her.

But this week, when she emerged from the flames having set Vaes Dothrak ablaze (literally and figuratively), it was a moment that signified she was ready to begin her journey again. Her connection to Westeros has arrived (Tyrion), and I'm hoping that her rebirth from the fire will signal the rebirth of her character's mission: to take back the Iron Throne. Or to do literally anything else, other than oil the padlocks on her precious dragons' chains.

The most touching moment of the series so far was Sansa and Jon's reunion. There was some awkward and slightly unbelievable 'good old days' dialogue, to contend with ('remember Old Nan's soup?", "yes, soup", "remember when we left Winterfell?" 'LOL what silly billies we were"), but overall, coming together gives those two a new purpose: to retake Winterfell, which honestly has been a long time coming. It's the first time the Starks have been reunited at all, and I don't know about you, but it felt strange and oddly emotional? Like, I wanted to phone my sister afterwards. "Remember our childhood soup, Beth? Soup."

I loved seeing Tyrion play to his strengths in office with a divisive political move, and I love that it didn't go down well at all. There seems to be no easy solution to the problems in Mereen, and I'm pleased that they didn't make it too easy for themselves by having Tyrion waltz in and tie everything up in a neat, politically-intelligent bow. His decision to allow slavery to remain for seven years was controversial, and there will no doubt be some interesting ramifications from Dany once someone's found her a frock to wear and escorted her back home.

You do realise Scott's on holiday this week, right?

Gods, I will have to save some thoughts for next week. Real quick though: can you believe Osha died? Do you think Jorah introduced Grey Scale to the Dothraki? Why no flashback scenes this week? Cersei did well convincing the Tyrell family to fight, didn't she? Loras looks rough, doesn't he?

Wait, do you actually watch Game of Thrones?


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