Secret nurse Jennifer Aniston

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  • 30 April 2008

Jennifer Aniston's secret man search

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly pretending to be a nurse in a bid to find a boyfriend.

The former 'Friends' actress - who has been romantically linked to musician John Mayer - has created a fake profile on matchmaking website to see if there are any suitable men.

A source close to the star said: "Jennifer needs a guy to get to know the real her and not just Jennifer the movie star. She just wants to see what responses she gets.

"She is posing as a nurse and using a fake picture and name. She has taken the picture from a clothes catalogue. The woman she chose is about her age but not drop-dead gorgeous. It seems Jennifer thought she had a really nice smile."

Jennifer is said to be vetting the responses she gets before revealing her true identity.

The source added to Grazia magazine: "Jennifer has made her profile as real as she dares but would never dream of leading anybody on. She just puts out who she honestly is, without revealing she is famous. If there is a real connection with someone, then she will probably explain the whole situation."

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