Charlie Higson - Young Bond 3 (4 stars)

Charlie Higson

Young Bond 3 (Puffin)


Although his previous two Young Bond adventures have been successes in their own right, the franchise’s revival thanks to Casino Royale should ensure that this third adventure by Charlie Fast Show Higson eclipses those predecessors. Aimed at young teenagers, these books are not cast in the same image as Daniel Craig’s fraught and violent Bond. Yet Higson is clearly an aficionado of Ian Fleming’s originals, and his efforts are characterised by a twisting plot which lies between a thriller and a mystery, and a prose style which is wordy but terse.

The 1930s milieu in which he places his hero - on the trail of a kidnapped professor with some crossword clues to lead him in the right direction - is effectively played out, and this romp should also appeal to older fans of Fleming. It’s worth noting that the book is untitled as yet, with an online competition ( allowing readers to choose the title.

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