Ross Kemp recognised as Grant Mitchell while filming in Pakistan

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  • 13 May 2016
Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp has revealed he was recognised as his 'EastEnders' character Grant Mitchell while filming a documentary in Pakistan

Ross Kemp was shocked to be recognised for playing 'EastEnders' character Grant Mitchell while shooting a documentary in Pakistan.

The 51-year-old actor was last seen as the Walford hardman in the BBC One soap in 2006.

Since his departure 10 years ago, Ross has worked as an investigative journalist filming hard-hitting documentaries on topics such as gang warfare, the Afghanistan conflict and modern day piracy, plus the 'Extreme World' series which took him to Karachi in Pakistan for one episode.

It was while he was in the city that a woman spotted him for his famous TV alter ego.

Speaking on 'This Morning' ahead of his return to 'EastEnders' on Friday (13.05.16), Ross said: "The strangest time I was recognised happened when I was interviewing a guy ... in a no-go area in Karachi. He was a well wanted villain at the time ... but on the way out I went past a tuk tuk ... and woman in full headgear, you couldn't see her face at all, in the brightest Brummie accent said, 'Are you Grant Mitchell?' Out of nowhere, which made us all laugh a bit, it kind of lightened the effect of the sniper round that was fired (at us)!"

Ross' hectic schedule doesn't end with his return to Albert Square to be part of the cancer storyline of his on-screen mum Peggy Mitchell (Dame Barbara Windsor).

Once he's done with his final scenes, the actor will be jetting off again to finish off filming for another documentary before heading back to 'EastEnders' for a storyline in the summer.

Speaking about his mega-busy schedule, he said: "I've had a tough year, started off in Columbia then went to Iraq and Syria, then went to Mozambique, just come back from Mongolia and I'm off on my travels again very soon. To sandwich that between Walford I thought was a bridge too far and I haven't finished it yet cause I've got to go back for another three weeks to finish off the storyline after Barbara leaves. So it's been an interesting year - I think I'll be in therapy by the summer!"

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