Keith Lemon wants Loose Women - Celebrity Juice special

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  • 12 May 2016
Leigh Francis

Keith Lemon

Keith Lemon wants to make a 'Loose Women'/ 'Celebrity Juice' special after Coleen Nolan joked that Gloria Hunniford looked like his mother

Keith Lemon wants to make a 'Loose Women'/ 'Celebrity Juice' special.

After panellist Coleen Nolan joked that co-star Gloria Hunniford looked like Keith's mother, because she was wearing a bandage on her hand similar to the one he wears, the comedian tweeted the show to suggest a collaboration.

He tweeted: "I've a lovely mum but if she ever decided to disown me, Gloria would be an ace mum! When are we going to do a Loose Women spesh on Juice?"

Gloria was keen, replying: "Keith, here we come!"

A tweet to Keith from the official 'Loose Women' account said: "you heard it here. They've agreed to do a Juice Women special for you. Subject to contract...." and the delighted star replied: "I will tell the office to make it happen! (sic)."

Gloria is currently wearing the bandage as she recovers from an operation on the tendons in her while Keith - played by Leigh Francis - has a different reason for his.

He previously explained: "I often wear a bandage on my wrist as I have a rather unorthodox tattoo right there and while I would argue it is a lively form of artistic expression, unfortunately most television producers tend to disagree.

"Over the years my bandage has become part of who I am and I always carry a spare in my pocket.

"Girls are forever coming up and asking me how I've hurt myself."

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