Miguel wants to duet with Taylor Swift

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  • 12 May 2016
Miguel on FAULT magazine cover

Miguel on FAULT magazine cover

Miguel has revealed he wants to collaborate with Taylor Swift because he has so much "respect" for her as an artist

Miguel wants to collaborate with Taylor Swift.

The 30-year-old singer - who won the Best R&B Song Grammy Award for his 2013 hit 'Adorn' - has huge "respect" for what the 'Wildest Dreams' hitmaker has achieved in her career and he would be excited to get in the studio with her.

Speaking to the new issue of FAULT magazine, he said: "I think (I want to collaborate with) artists that I love and respect. The ones that have a conviction that outweighs anything. I'd love to write with Taylor Swift."

Since he broke into the music business Miguel has constantly been compared to Prince, something he believes is a "tremendous compliment".

The pop hunk is pleased to be mentioned in the same breath as the late legend but he is sure if people listen to his music they will recognise he has his own sound.

When asked if being compared to artists such as Prince effects his ability to carve his own path as an artist, Miguel - who is performing at this year's Wireless Festival in London in July - replied: "I need to think about that. No I think we're all standing on the shoulders of giants. Especially at this point in time, we're learning from and building upon things that have already occurred, that have already been dreamed up.

"Being compared to Prince, it's a tremendous compliment. I think it's more about people being aware and exposed and really understanding the music then they'd see there's a lot more to it."

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