Tilly Keeper promised Peggy Mitchell's death will be 'classy'

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  • 11 May 2016
Tilly Keeper as Louise Mitchell

Tilly Keeper

Tilly Keeper has promised Peggy Mitchell's death will be "very classy", although it is an emotional end to the iconic TV star

Tilly Keeper has promised Peggy Mitchell's death will be "very classy".

The 18-year-old actress joined 'EastEnders' earlier this year as the iconic matriarch's granddaughter Louise Mitchell and the young starlet thinks Dame Barbara Windsor's final scenes on the show will go down in history.

She told OK! magazine: "It's the end of an era, but I think Barbara was right to give the viewers one last chance to say goodbye to Peggy.

"The way she's going to bow out is very classy - her final scenes will go down in 'EastEnders' history."

Tilly is expecting it to be a very sad day on set when Barbara shoots her final scenes.

She said: "Everyone is already feeling quite emotional that she's leaving, so it's going to be sad for us all. I was welling up just reading the scripts."

The blonde actress was delighted to meet the "spectacular" Dame for the first time when she returned to play Peggy.

She said: "Barbara is spectacular, she's so calm and down to earth.

"She's so tiny in real life and I'm quite tall, so when we first met she looked me up and down in a really exaggerated way. I don't think she could quite believe I'd been cast as her granddaughter."

Meanwhile, Ross Kemp is reprising his role as Grant Mitchell for his screen mother's exit and both Tilly and her co-star Harry Reid, who plays her half-brother Ben Mitchell, were "freaking out" when they found out he was back.

She said: "We haven't filmed together but I met him on set the other day and was beyond excited.

"When me and Harry heard he was around, we both started freaking out.

"I can't believe how lucky I am that I get to be surrounded by all these iconic characters."

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