Sir Patrick Stewart: My wife couldn't watch me play a neo-Nazi

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  • 9 May 2016
Sir Patrick Stewart and his wife Sunny Ozell

Sir Patrick Stewart and his wife Sunny Ozell

Hollywood star Sir Patrick Stewart has admitted his wife Sunny Ozell walked out of a screening of his latest movie 'Green Room' because she couldn't watch him play a neo-Nazi

Sir Patrick Stewart's wife Sunny Ozell walked out of a screening of his new movie 'Green Room' because she couldn't stand seeing him play a neo-Nazi.

The 75-year-old actor - who wed the American singer/songwriter in September 2013 - stars in the thriller as club owner Darcy Banker, a member of a white power racist organisation, and confessed his 37-year-old spouse found it too upsetting to see her husband in the hard-hitting role.

Speaking of watching the film for the first time with Sunny, he said: "I first saw it with my wife. My wife doesn't like to know too much about projects that I'm doing, she likes to be surprised. During the screening ,she left the room twice and came back, saying, 'I can't handle it.' She found it too upsetting, distressing."

'Green Room' tells the story of Pat, Amber and Sam played by Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat respectively, who are members of a punk band and witness a murder carried out in Darcy's club by a gang of white supremacists.

The 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' revealed he used search engine Google to research the character.

He recalled: "I just googled 'white supremacists in America. I looked at the insanity of it all, the delusion, the craziness, the wanting to turn the clock back to some other time when fascism was the only solution."

Meanwhile, Stewart - who has a son Daniel and daughter Sophia, with his first wife Sheila Falconer - has admitted he is a huge fan of Twitter and tries to post every day to his 2.22 million followers under the hand @SirPatStew.

It's a turnaround for him, because he used to think people who were on social media were "idiots".

In an interview with the Metro newspaper, he said: "The head of my PR company, who I've been with for 20 years and know really well, took me to breakfast and said, 'Honey, it's time.' I said, 'Please, no, not social media - I can't do it. They're all idiots! And she said, 'You're wrong, it's time.' And it's been amazing."

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