Iggy Pop admits ageing rock stars look ridiculous

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 May 2016
Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop

According to Iggy Pop, some of his rock contemporaries are starting to look a bit ridiculous

Iggy Pop admits some of his rock contemporaries are starting to look a bit ridiculous.

The 69-year-old punk legend admits rock stars are refusing to grow old gracefully and he too, confessed he has no desire to adopt a more conservative sense of style quite yet.

He shared: "You do notice this general decreptitude that I'm as guilty of as any. I will do a gig and my wife, who's more fluent with electronic devices, will show me a guy saying, 'It's time for this man to put on a shirt!' Well, I don't want to put on a shirt. I want to express myself without a shirt."

Despite this, Iggy admitted turning 60 marked a major landmark, causing him to take stock of his life.

Asked if men in the showbiz industry now face the same pressures as women to look good, he told the Sunday Times newspaper: "I don't know if I see that. The men all look pretty terrible and old, so it doesn't seem to be a problem. Here's what I started trying to do: around the time I hit 60, I thought it is important to resemble yourself."

Meanwhile, Iggy recently branded American people "cruder" than Brits.

The Michigan-born star was asked to explain why US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump appeals to working-class people in America, when he is so unpopular in the UK.

He said: "Would it be fair to say that part of being polite in the UK is skirting direct truths and instead sneak around and bite the person in the ass?

"In America, we are a cruder race and people put a lot of value of sincerity, it's a huge deal in the US. And the problem is only sincerity that a large group of people can agree is 'boffo' sincerity - a boffo is like a clown, a vulgarity. That's what appeals to people."