Our Kind of Traitor star Damian Lewis: I don't want London ruled by rich

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  • 6 May 2016
Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis

Actor Damian Lewis hopes central London isn't taken over by third homes of the ultra-rich as featured in his new spy thriller 'Our Kind of Traitor'

Damian Lewis thinks it would be a "shame" if London was ruled by the ultra-rich just like in his new movie 'Our Kind of Traitor'.

The 45-year-old actor has spoken out about his fears that his hometown will be taken over by the ultra-rich, a theme which is explored in the British spy thriller - based on John le Carré's book of the same name - in which he plays MI6 agent Hector.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the premiere of his new film, held at London's Mayfair Hotel on Thursday night (05.05.16), Damian said: "Writer John le Carré explores the ultra-rich - the way they've taken up residency in London and the way that's been facilitated by our leaders and our politicians. I'm a proud Londoner and it would be a shame if central London became entirely given over to people's third homes so hopefully it won't be."

The plot of 'Our Kind of Traitor' centres on a money launderer called Dima - played by Stellan Skarsgard - who works for Russian gangsters. He asks a couple who are holidaying in Marrakesh, Morocco, to deliver incriminating evidence to an MI6 agent (Damian Lewis).

Speaking about the role, Lewis said: "I liked the character of Hector ... he speaks truth to authority, he is a bit of a maverick who worked in the city and now he's in MI6 he doesn't really like authority. He tends to think all institutional organisations are corrupt and he is in this for really personal reasons, to exact revenge on someone who he owes one to but gets caught up in a confusing emotional sphere where he's required to help out a criminal - a member of the Russian Mafia - to save his own family. The moral dilemma is acute, it's rich, saucy and fun."

When asked what the biggest challenge was portraying Hector, he added: "I responded to Hector instinctively, I didn't find him very challenging. I found him enormously enjoyable. Some roles I think 'I have no idea how I'm going to do this' but with Hector I understood him quite quickly."

The film also stars Ewan McGregor as Perry Makepeace, Naomie Harris as Gail Perkins and Mark Gatiss as Billy Matlock among others.

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