Calvin Harris rules out Taylor Swift duet

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  • 1 May 2016
Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris hasn't discussed recording with girlfriend Taylor Swift but doesn't think it'll ever happen

Calvin Harris doesn't think he'll work with Taylor Swift.

The Scottish DJ has collaborated with a number of female stars, including Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, and his former lover Rita Ora, but has no plans to record with his girlfriend, and insists they've never even discussed the possibility.

He said: "We haven't even spoken about it, but I can't see it happening. She is about to take a long break."

Calvin's latest single, 'That Is What You Came For', sees him team up with Rihanna - who he worked with five years ago on 'We Found Love' - again and he finds her "iconic" voice always makes his music better.

Speaking on 'On Air with Ryan Seacrest', he said: "She has an iconic voice and when you give her a certain type of song it's just next level."

The 32-year-old star has also been recording with Ellie Goulding again, but is still unsure how the finished track will sound.

He said: "We have half a track, I don't know about the half.

"You know when you have half a track and you are not really sure how to make it a full track?

"You have just got to step out of the studio, step outside, sit down on the grass, make a sandwich and just let the idea come.

"If the idea doesn't come to you, then you weren't supposed to have the idea."

Calvin's real name is Adam Wiles and he now regrets his choice of stage name, though knows it is "too late" to change it now.

He said: "I wanted a stage name. Fatboy Slim is Norman Cook, Alesso's real name is Alessandro, Avicii's name is Tim.

"I picked a name and that's where I went wrong, but it's too late now."

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