Stephanie Pratt wants to find boyfriend

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  • 30 April 2016
Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt is keen to settle down with Mr Right now that she's turned 30

Stephanie Pratt is desperate to find a boyfriend.

The 'Made in Chelsea' star hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to the dating scene over the past few years but the blonde beauty finally feels ready to settle down with Mr Right.

She explained: "I am ready now. I'm actually going on a date tonight, but I'm not saying who with."

But, although she's keen to nab herself a new man, the 30-year-old reality TV star isn't keen on dating a cast member but is open to striking up flirtatious banter with a singleton.

She added: "There just aren't any single cast members. We need to bring some single guys in. I'll recruit them!"

However, the American star is starting to worry about her future as each year goes by because she's not getting any younger, but she doesn't want to rush anything.

Speaking to Star magazine, she said: "I've just turned 30 so I'm freaking out [about my future] but my motto has always been to wing it. When I don't plan, great things happen."

Stephanie previously dated womaniser Spencer Matthews in 2013 and, although their romance was short, it has taken the former 'Hills' star two years to bury the hatchet.

She said: "I recently became friends with him. It took me two years to stop hating him."

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