Piers Morgan spies of Susanna Reid in the shower

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  • 28 April 2016
Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan

Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has admitted he watches his 'Good Morning Britain' co-star Susanna Reid while she's taking a shower in her dressing room

Piers Morgan spies on his co-host Susanna Reid when she's taking a shower in the 'Good Morning Britain' dressing room.

The controversial presenter - who is often slammed for his raunchy remarks and behaviour on air - has admitted he quite often peeks through the door when the brunette beauty is washing in order to grab a eyeful of her impressive curves.

Speaking on 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man', which hits screens tonight (28.04.16), he attempted to justify his jaw-dropping actions by stating: "That's worth watching."

And, although the 51-year-old presenter - who is happily married to fellow journalist Celia Walden - thoroughly enjoys pushing the boundaries, Susanna is adamant there isn't enough "alcohol" in the world that would see her go near him.

She said: "You haven't got enough alcohol in your stores. He is nowhere near my perfect man. It is not going to happen."

But, despite the 45-year-old beauty's rejection, Piers hasn't given up hope and was recently caught gazing down his co-star's blouse while they were presenting the morning show.

He explained: "The camera caught me at a difficult moment. I was just admiring my co-presenter. Very attractive lady and it had been a long couple of hours. I looked over and looked down and before I knew it... I'll tell you what I was actually doing. I was actually looking at her notes. She makes a lot of little notes and what I like to do is look over and nick it and ask it. It drives her absolutely mad."

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