Amy Winehouse suffering in success

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  • 25 April 2008

Although her personal life is still in disarray, Amy Winehouse's career continues to go from strength-to-strength.

Earlier this week, the troubled star - who is battling her well-documented drug addiction - was nominated for three prestigious gongs at this year's Ivor Novello Awards.

Her tracks 'You Know I'm No Good' and 'Love is a Losing Game' are both up for best song - the first time a singer has been twice-nominated for the honour since the awards were launched in 1955. 'Rehab', which won last year's best contemporary song, is a contender for bestselling British song.

If Amy wins at next month's ceremony it will confirm yet again her status as one of the world's most talented female singers, but at what price has that come?

Ever since she left rehab earlier this year, after receiving treatment for her deadly drug habit, Amy seems to be getting worse.

The biggest bane in her life seems to be Blake Fielder-Civil, her husband of almost a year. He is currently in London's Pentonville Prison awaiting trial on charges of grievous bodily harm (GBH) and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and friends say his imprisonment is pushing Amy closer to an emotional breakdown. She has allegedly been binging on a cocktail of substances, including cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis and alcohol, to cope and pals fear for her sanity. They are also terrified she could seriously harm herself after she deliberately burnt her hand with a lighter, while screaming: "My life is a shell of what it was. It's like the whole world is now stillborn."

A friend at the gathering said: "We were just sat around a table when she held the lighter over her hand and let the flame scar her. Amy has been up and down like she has never been before. One minute she'll be fine, the next she'll be in a heap on the floor screaming she can't go on."

Since Blake was sent to prison, Amy has been enjoying the company of several male friends, a fact which is threatening to blow their marriage apart.

A source said: "Blake is upset about how close Amy has been getting to some of the men in her life and that she never visits. He told her a few days ago he wants to end the marriage and she has to visit him to discuss it."

Blake has also been reportedly cashing in on his relationship with Amy by trading a topless photo of the star to feed his heroin habit. The desperate drug addict swapped seven images - including one of the singer showing her breasts - with a fellow inmate, for tobacco, which he later exchanged for the class A drug.

A friend said: "She'll be livid - the photos are her memories and for Blake to sell them is a real let down. Amy won't be able to believe he could stoop this low."

But the state of her marriage is not the only thing concerning Amy.

Her hard-partying lifestyle is starting to affect her looks and has been warned by doctors her skin could be permanently scarred if she doesn't quit drugs.

However, the 24-year-old star - who is suffering from skin condition impetigo - is so addicted to illegal substances, she can't quit.

As she was allegedly taking cocaine at a party at her London home, Amy was reportedly overheard saying: "I've been told I'll lose my looks over this - but I can't give it up! I'm told my scars might never heal. My dermatologist says it's a result of the drugs and it could spread to other parts of my body if I don't quit."

Amy is also terrified her fading looks will start to turn Blake off.

She told friends: "What will I do if I lose my looks? Blake will never love me like that."

Despite being one the world's biggest music stars, Amy's outrageous behaviour has even caused her record company to issue her an ultimatum. Although her first two albums, 'Frank' and 'Back to Black', were hits, bosses at Universal have ordered her to behave if she wants to release another LP with them.

A source close to Amy - who was ordered into rehab earlier this year by the label's European chief Lucian Grainge after he saw footage of her smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine - said: "Amy has been reminded of her responsibilities. Unless she is clean she will not be allowed to release another album. She took notice when Lucian talked to her earlier this year and agreed to go to rehab. But she didn't take it seriously enough. They would never release her from her deal, they would just not put an album out."

And the record label can't have been pleased with what they saw happen this week. Amy is facing arrest after allegedly attacking two men during a drug-fuelled night. She was accused of head-butting a guy who had hailed her a cab outside a London bar, just hours after punching her alleged other victim in the face. The married star is also said to have kissed a mystery man and was seen smoking illegal drugs in the street.

If convicted of assault, Amy could face a jail sentence and a £2,000 fine.

At the moment, it seems nothing will stop Amy and her path to self-destruction - not even the death of her old backing musician.

She was shocked when saxophonist Jason Rae - the husband of singer Corinne Bailey Rae - was discovered dead from a drugs overdose last month and friends initially claimed it would convince Amy to seek much-needed help.

One said: "Amy takes the same substances with which Jason plied himself. She says she can't believe this happened and that she is still alive - and she can't let this be her future. She sees it as a wake-up call that she must stop."

But, as with many of Amy's promises, her vow was soon broken and the addiction, worryingly, appears to be getting the better of her.

There can't be anybody who takes pleasure in seeing this hugely talented girl have such a public breakdown and there's no denying Amy needs help and she needs it fast. But until Amy is ready to accept help and decides for herself she wants to kick her habit, the world will just have to nervously wait and see what happens next.

By Kate Randall

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