TV review: The Windsors, Channel 4 (2 stars)

TV review: The Windsors

A pitiful ‘parody’ of life down Buck House way

According to George Jeffrie, one of two writers on The Windsors, there was a clear aim behind the programme: ‘I'm hoping it'll bring down the monarchy’. Alongside the recent flop of the aristocratically lavish, vastly expensive, recently cancelled Indian Summers, there’s more likelihood of Jeffrie and Bert Tyler Moore sinking Channel 4. In 2016, soft targets really don’t come much more malleable than the occupants of Buck House and their various hangers-on (or in-laws). Should any of the regal types ‘parodied’ here deign to catch an episode, then there’s more chance of one’s shoulders being shrugged than a diktat getting swiftly issued for Jeffrie and Tyler Moore to be flung into the Tower of London.

If you were writing a sitcom about the Royal Family, would you have Harry coming over as a bit thick, Fergie being rather attention-seeking and Camilla as a cartoon villain? Of course you wouldn’t, as that would be way too obvious; though maybe you could go down that road and put a spin on it somehow? Not Jeffrie and Tyler-Moore as they do the obvious and a whole lot less, such as making Edward out to be a lost soul with an empty diary, having William as a square-jawed helicopter hero and Pippa enjoying people constantly gazing at her ‘fantastic arse’. And most incredibly of all, the Duke of Edinburgh is, wait for it, a little bit racist.

The best you can say about The Windsors is that there are some decent impersonations on display, led by Harry Enfield’s take on Prince Charles. It’s certainly gratifying to see some upcoming Fringe comedy acts landing parts, such as Ellie White and Celeste Dring as the all-too predictably shallow Beatrice and Eugenie while Katy Wix has a blast as their tragically pitiable mum. But, sadly, all the talent on show are let down by a woefully predictable and utterly laugh-free script. Off with their heads!

The Windsors starts on Channel 4, Fri 6 May, 10pm.


1. Michelle09026 May 2016, 10:54pm Report

The Windsors was a comedy programme- I was really looking forward to as it would be nice to have abit of light comedy ribbing over the Royal family but unfortunately the writers have taken it too far. Kate Middleton is portrayed as a gypsy traveller who doesn't fit in - her sister Pippa is portrayed as a jealous, attention seeker who sleeps with Harry and tries to seduce William as well. Edward is an alcoholic. It has gone so far into disrespectful that is not funny at all. Shame.

2. Alison Smith6 May 2016, 11:11pm Report

Channel 4's "The Windsors" is an hour of my life I won't get back. What a complete load of rubbish. "Spitting Image" it wasn't 🙄

3. Louk21 May 2016, 1:37pm Report

Very silly and very good fun. Perfect for Friday nights. Hope there is a second series. It isn't highbrow comedy but who cares. Some people need to lighten up!!

4. Stella M1 Jun 2016, 11:07pm Report

It's really funny and silly, almost as silly as the real royals but less depraved. If you don't like it, you are an airhead monarchist.

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