Nathanael Wiseman: Hard Tide sex scene with fiancée was embarrassing

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  • 27 April 2016
Nathanael and Alexandra in Hard Tide

Nathanael Wiseman and Alexandra Newick in Hard Tide

Nathanael Wiseman has admitted it was "painful" filming a sex scene with his fiancée and the film's producer Kat Gellin in 'Hard Tide'

Nathanael Wiseman found it painfully embarrassing having to shoot a sex scene with his fiancé in new film 'Hard Tide'.

The British actor - who plays Jake in the upcoming thrilling drama movie - revealed the movie's producer and his wife-to-be, 'Inbetweeners' star Katarina Gellin, had to step in to take on the role of Kim after another actress pulled out at short notice with a "sprained ankle".

The real life couple had to get steamy on screen for the story but Nathanael admits the whole experience left him red-faced.

Speaking exclusively to BANG showbiz about the cringe worthy moment, he said: "It was painful to shoot because it was three in the morning, it was horrendous, all down to the bravery of Kat really, because it's easy for me.

"Kat, who is the actress in it she's the producer of the film, she stepped in to play the role because a girl dropped out two days before after she sprained her ankle.

"Embarrassing is the word. I have to watch the scene with my mum, and that's my fiancé as well. It was more, if it wasn't Kat, if it wasn't my fiancé it would be a lot easier to be honest. It's because it's her and because she is the producer on it as well.

"It had been on the schedule and we were all not talking about it, and was like, 'Oh god, that's coming up,' just avoid that awful moment. And we got through it and it's quite a funny moment in the film."

There was a nude scene in the film that left Nathaniel blushing but luckily for him that sequence ended up on the cutting room floor.

He said: "There was a scene that we had where I had to jump in the swimming pool completely naked, but we cut that scene, that was probably more embarrassing."

'Hard Tide' is a sociological drama and crime thriller based on the incredible true story of Jake, a small time criminal from British coastal town Margate.

Jake ends up on the run from gangsters with a neglected nine-year-old girl Jade (Alexandra Newick).

The cast also includes 'Into the Badlands' star Oliver Stark, 'Withnail and I' actor Ralph Brown, 'Sexy Beast' star Andy Lucas and Mem Ferda, who appeared in Plan B's 'Ill Manors'.

'Hard Tide' will be released in cinemas from April 29.

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