Eric Bana: I told Ricky Gervais 'no singing' on set

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 April 2016
Eric Bana

Eric Bana

Australian heartthrob Eric Bana stars with Ricky Gervais in 'Special Correspondents' and revealed he forbid the comedian playing guitar and even "singing" on the set

Eric Bana forbid Ricky Gervais from playing guitar and even "singing" on the set of 'Special Correspondents'.

The 47-year-old actor confessed he isn't a fan of the British comedian's alter ego David Brent's constant musical outbursts and made the 54-year-old star promise he wouldn't burst into song at every opportunity.

Speaking on 'London Live TV' about the filming conditions on set of the Netflix comedy satire - in which they play two kidnapped journalists in Iraq - he shared: "I banned music on set, I told him on day one - you can do as you want as a director but no guitars. No guitars on set. We didn't share a trailer, but our trailer was so small, with a shared wall I also banned him from singing in the trailer as well, cos you know you could hear each other breathe. It was way too cosy."

Despite opposing Ricky's music talents, the Australian star was "chuffed" to be picked to join him for the movie.

Eric is a huge fan of the 'The Invention of Lying' actor and was worried he would have to control himself from laughing too much on set, but was surprised that it was, in fact, Ricky, who had constantly had the giggles.

He added: "I got a call saying that Ricky wanted me to read the script, I was just chuffed that he knew who I was, it was a pretty quick yes. It's been so long since I've gone to work and been allowed to have a laugh and whether having fun is actually encouraged ,so it was a bit of a shock to the system. I was concerned that I was going to get in trouble for laughing, but it was kind of the other way round. In the end it was me telling him off, to kinda pull it together so we could get through some of the takes."

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