Noel Gallagher enjoys touring without 'difficult' people

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  • 25 April 2016
Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher has seemingly taken a veiled swipe at his brother Liam Gallagher by saying he enjoys touring more now because he isn't joined on the road by "difficult" people any more

Noel Gallagher enjoys touring more now because he isn't joined on the road by "difficult" people.

The 48-year-old rocker - who is currently on his latest solo world tour with his High Flying Birds band - has seemingly taken a veiled swipe at his former Oasis bandmate and younger brother Liam Gallagher by saying he used to "struggle" with touring in the past, but has a "great time" now as he is surrounded by the right people

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph newspaper, he said: "It's only people that make it difficult, and I'm not with difficult people any more.

"I've been on tours that have been a real struggle, but life's what you make it and all that.

"The two hours on stage are always brilliant, and generally, these days, it's all good. I travel the world, play my tunes to people and have a great time."

Noel and Liam always had a tempestuous relationship during their time in Oasis and had numerous infamous bust-ups and fallouts, with the guitarist walking out on the band's 2000 world tour falling a fight in Barcelona during which the hellraising frontman questioned the paternity of Noel's daughter Anais with his now ex-wife Meg Mathews.

Oasis ended due to one of their family fights when Liam, 43, attacked his older sibling with a guitar following a backstage fight before a concert in Paris, France, in 2009.

Noel also revealed he doesn't party as hard or as often as he did in his younger days and is happy to travel light with no rock star's demands.

The 'Lock All The Doors' rocker - who as well as his 16-year-old daughter has two sons, Donovan, eight, and Sonny, five, with his wife Sara MacDonald - said: "I don't take anything with me, really, no home comforts or anything. Just Yorkshire Tea teabags and my passport. We travel with such a large crew that I don't even have to carry my own bag. Point me in the direction of the nearest VIP lounge and I'm set."

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