Preview: Nijinsky’s Last Jump

Preview – Nijinsky’s Last Jump

credit: Susan Hay

Life story of brilliant but troubled ballet legend goes on tour

As a dancer and choreographer, his work was both thrilling and tender. So it’s not surprising that, 65 years after his death, Vaslav Nijinsky still holds a fascination for many.

Reading his biography as a teenager, Kally Lloyd Jones instantly felt an affinity with the troubled ballet star. And in August 2015, her lifelong admiration led to the creation of dance theatre work, Nijinsky’s Last Jump.

‘There’s something about him that I can relate to,’ says Lloyd Jones. ‘And through the process of researching the show, I felt I’d got under his skin and could see how misunderstood he was.’

Responsible for such iconic works as L'après-midi d'un faune and The Rite of Spring, Nijinsky sadly became almost as well known for his mental illness as his choreography.

Set in a theatre dressing room, Nijinsky’s Last Jump brings the elderly Nijinsky face to face with his younger self. Both audiences and critics at the Edinburgh Fringe were unanimous in their praise for this profoundly moving work, and now the show will tour Scotland for the first time.

‘I wanted to pay homage,’ says Lloyd Jones, ‘and it was wonderful that audiences got it, and that it made people think and feel, and go away and reflect on his life.’

Paisley Arts Centre, Sat 23 Apr then touring.

Nijinsky's Last Jump

Award-winning two man dance theatre piece that takes you inside the troubled psyche of legendary dancer and choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky.

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