Union J comeback inspired by Justin Bieber

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  • 22 April 2016
Union J

Union J

Union J are using Justin Bieber as inspiration for their third studio album

Union J are using Justin Bieber as their inspiration for their comeback.

The 'Carry You' hitmakers are back in the recording studio following the departure of George Shelley last month and they are looking to the 'Sorry' singer - who made a number of public apologies last year after falling out of favour because of his wild partying and numerous arrests - to guide them on how to successfully relaunch their careers.

J.J. Hamblett - who is joined in the band by Josh Cuthbert and Jaymi Hensley - said: "We've started in the studio and are working with some great writers.

"We are going over to America next month to record and just basically to try and find the right song to release.

"We've got some really exciting news coming out next month but I can't give it away. But you'll know very,very shortly. It's just something we didn't expect. We've got to think like Justin Bieber.

"He came back and nobody can deny that they love those songs and that's what we want to do."

The trio have teased that they are working on a song, which is different to what fans have grown to expect and they hope it will give them a bigger audience.

He told the Daily Star newspaper:"It's slightly different but it's just a hit.

"It's just a great song which will hopefully broaden out into a wider market and a bigger audience."

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