Paddy McGuiness to front motoring show

Paddy McGuiness

Paddy McGuiness

Paddy McGuiness is set to host the new show 'Drive of My Life' this autumn.

Paddy McGuiness is set to front a new motoring show.

The 'Take Me Out' presenter is to take a trip down memory lane with well-known celebrity guests every week for his new forthcoming series 'Drive of My Life' as he reunites the stars with three beloved cars from their youth.

He said: "You'll always remember your first car and the memories that come with it - that sense of adventure!

"I vividly remember mine and I can't wait to uncover our celebrities' old run arounds and the stories behind each one."

The 42-year-old hunk will trek across the country with his guests in a series of legendary old bangers as they track down their old friends and reminisce on their childhoods.

Richard Hastings, Creative Director, Shiver said: "We're delighted to be working with Travel Channel and Paddy for the first time on 'Drive of My Life'.

"Each of the cars we have owned and driven hold a special place in your heart; it's a real reflection of a certain time in your life and I can't wait to find out all about the cars our celebrities drove in their younger days!"

'Drive of My Life' will air on the Travel Channel this autumn.


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