Marnie Simpson: I'm bisexual

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  • 19 April 2016
Marnie Simpson

Marnie Simpson

Marnie Simpson has admitted she is bisexual but only took her feelings for women seriously a year ago

Marnie Simpson is bisexual.

The 'Geordie Shore' star - who was previously engaged to Ricky Rayment - admitted she had been "confused" about her sexuality for some time but only took her feelings for women "seriously" a year ago.

Asked how long she's known she's bisexual, the 23-year-old star said: "It's been a while, but you know when you don't know yourself and you're confused about it?

"When I was 19, I realised I would look at some girls in a different way. I've always kissed girls but I don't think I took it seriously until I had an encounter with a girl a year ago.

"It was just after a night out - we got drunk and it just happened. To me, that was different because it was just me and her. It wasn't for any other reason than I wanted to so it made me think differently."

Marnie recently tweeted "I'm sure I'm bisexual. I kiss as many girls as boys these days" and admitted she made the post to "plant the seed" and gauge people's reactions.

She told heat magazine: "I was kind of planting the seed but then my mam saw it and was like, 'What was that about?'

"My mam came to Australia and I was constantly kissing girls - I kissed three in 10 days. She was like, 'Is there something you need to tell us?' And I was like, 'No'.

"I spoke to her recently, knowing I was doing this.

"The reaction to that tweet wasn't too bad, which is probably why I've been able to do this interview."

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