Danny Miller hints at trouble for Aaron

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  • 16 April 2016
Danny Miller

Danny Miller

Danny Miller has hinted that there could be more trouble ahead for his 'Emmerdale' character Aaron Livesy

Danny Miller has hinted that there is more trouble ahead for Aaron Livesy.

After his character's father Gordon Livesy (Gary Mavers) - who Aaron had accused of raping him as a child - was found guilty of three counts of rape and one count of attempted rape on Friday's episode of 'Emmerdale' (15.04.16), Danny took to Twitter with the cryptic message that "it's not over yet".

He wrote: "Yessss!!! #GUILTY #JusticeForAaron

"There it is. Gordon's gone. Aaron has justice. What a rollercoaster for the poor lad. #JusticeIsDone but it's not over yet... (sic)."

Meanwhile, Danny has won universal acclaim for his performances as Aaron and he has been delighted with the response he's had from the British public.

He previously said: "A lot of people are fighting for justice for Aaron and hoping Gordon gets convicted. It's a storyline that touches people in different ways, the only feedback that we have had is positive because we've done it in the right way. People (have been) stopping me in the streets and on social media it's been such a big thing, people have been really supportive of it."

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