Best circus to see in the UK

Best circus to see in the UK

Animal free companies showcasing incredible feats of human agility, speed, strength and balance

Roll up, roll up to witness the new brand of circus touring the UK. If the word 'circus' conjures up horrible images of Dumbo's mum crying in a cage or the terrifying clown from Stephen King's IT, well, thankfully times have changed. All these circuses performing in the UK are completely animal free with the focus instead on incredible feats of human agility, speed, strength and balance. 'Circus' can also conjure quaint storybook images but a modern juggler isn't someone who can chuck a trio of balls about, it's a performer swirling knives or crockery at break neck speed, while an acrobat requires more than a clean cartwheel to join a troupe, more like a blindfolded backflip, on a tightrope, through fire.

Moscow State Circus: 7 Zhelaniy

Based on a Russian folklore story 7 Zhelaniy is set in an enchanted garden where wishes come true. Wizard Wacko and his crazy sidekick Natalia guide the audience through the tale, surrounded by back flipping, roller skating and wire walking performers. Highlights of the show include 13 person springboard group Ruban, roller-skating 'revolutions' Veslovskiy, daredevil Tatiana Ozhiganova, acrobats Trio Atlas contorting in and around giant suspended bubbles, known as the Floating Globes, and a ballerina on the high wire in the roof of the big top.
Touring Apr & May.

Continental Circus Berlin

This new show from Continental Circus Berlin rejects entertainment that relies on digital enhancement, special effects or pre-recording, instead offering a genuine live show with live music. International performers include contortionists, jugglers, daring acrobatics, trapeze artists and latest sensation Laser Man. Housed in a climatically controlled theatre style big top the action is set to a live soundtrack of rock and pop hits from the last four decades.
Touring Apr & May.

Circus Zyair

Best circus to see in the UK

Inside this heated big top (fancy), Circus Zyair boasts clowns, jugglers, hula hoopers, magicians and acrobats. Daring stunt cyclists take on the affectionately named 'Wheel of Death' and tightrope walkers bring a whole host of props and tricks to the tightrope.
Touring Apr–Jun

Chinese State Circus: Dynasty

Returning to the UK after a three year absence the Chinese State Circus go back to their roots with a show that uses everyday objects to showcase their talents with acrobats balancing on huge pyramids of tables and chairs. The cast of acrobats, jugglers and aerial performers are accompanied by martial art masters the Shaolin Warriors and musicians playing traditional Chinese instruments.
Touring Sep–Dec.

Cirque Berserk

Circus thrills and skills designed specifically for the theatre. Cirque Bersek returns once more to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland with a UK tour planned for 2017. The international troupe include dancers, drummers, aerialists, acrobats, stunt people and clown, Tweedy. Similar to Circus Zyair's 'Wheel of Death' Cirque Birserk showcase their motorcycle skills in the 'Globe of Terror'.
Hyde Park Nov–Jan, then touring.