Preview: Jonnie Common – Kitchen Sync

Preview: Jonnie Common – Kitchen Sync

Common's latest album is constructed entirely from sounds found in the kitchen

It's hard to tell what most motivated Jonnie Common to create his latest LP Kitchen Sync, the concept of creating an album entirely from sounds made by kitchen gadgets or the prospect of being able to give each track a convoluted title.

'That was as much of a drive as anything. I just love a pun so much.'

Track titles like 'More Oven than Not', 'Bottle Rock It' and obvious album closer 'Microwave Goodbye' are exactly what they say on the tin, each track loosely focused on one particular item. It started, Common says, with an oven door.

'The oven in my flat at the time made a really great thud noise when you shut the door, and I thought “I really want to hear this as a kick-drum in a song.” That one idea escalated into a whole album.'

Released on Song, by Toad, as part of the Tadpole Series, Kitchen Sync does have its self-imposed limitations, but these are a chaos embraced by Common.

'Making music the way I normally do is not limited by anything, really. That open-endedness can be an obstacle in itself. Limitations can be a creative benefit.'

The results of his domestic experiment is an album full of surprises – the sound of an oven and hob sparking come together to create a hi-hat and snare pattern. A waste bin opening and hitting the wall is manipulated to create an eerie, gong-like sound. The grinding of coffee beans becomes a pipe organ. But difficult to recreate in live shows.

'I'm going to play along to each track and I'll be breaking down the track by playing the original recordings and showing where the sounds have come from, talking through exactly what I did for each sound and how it ended up on the track. There are a lot of little details I think people enjoying hearing about.'

Kitchen Sync is out Mon 9 May on Song, by Toad
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