Amy Winehouse's skin saviour

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  • 24 April 2008

Amy Winehouse's skin saviour

Amy Winehouse has been offered a cure for her bad skin by a TV nutritional expert.

'You Are What You Eat' star Gillian McKeith insists Amy's complexion would clear up if the singer - who is said to be suffering from the contagious skin disease impetigo and also has bad acne - takes her diet advice.

Gillian told British radio station Heart FM: "I would love to meet Amy one day and she could probably benefit a great deal from just hearing some of my advice. Her acne could easily be cleared up quickly without a doubt.

"It is all about good food, rebalancing her body and exercise. Her music is fantastic but she just has to get everything else sorted out and it will all fall into place."

It was recently reported 'Rehab' singer Amy was told her facial scabs would scar her for life if she didn't stop taking drugs.

She was overheard saying at a party: "I've been told I'll lose my looks over this - but I can't give it up! I'm told my scars might never heal. My dermatologist says it's a result of the drugs and it could spread to other parts of my body if I don't quit."

Gillian McKeith has found fame with her book and UK TV series 'You Are What You Eat', which sees obese and ill people adopt healthier lifestyles.

She is famous for analysing people's faeces to get a better idea of how their diet is affecting their body.

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