Paul Rudd was a 'fanboy' on the set of Captain America: Civil War

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  • 13 April 2016
Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd admits he was a "fanboy" on the set of 'Captain America: Civil War' and he "couldn't stop geeking out" about starring alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans

Paul Rudd was a "fanboy" on the set of 'Captain America: Civil War'.

The 47-year-old actor returned to his role as Scott Lang and Ant-Man in the hotly-anticipated Marvel movie but admits he "couldn't stop geeking out" about being on set with the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference for the movie, he said: "Being the fanboy in the group, there was very little acting required. They've all worked together and done this before - I've just seen all the Marvel movies.

"So to be there on the day [the other heroes arrived], I kind of couldn't stop geeking out about it: 'Oh my God, there's the Shield!' When I was getting the suit on, there's this area where we get changed and stuff, and it's like, 'Oh, there's Iron Man's suit!' I did feel that, that excitement of, 'What? I can't believe that I landed here. This is nuts.'"

Meanwhile, Paul previously revealed he isn't sure how many films he is contracted to do with Marvel but was "thrilled" to find out he'd be appearing in the latest instalment.

He shared: "I probably should know shouldn't I? I'll find out. I know it's a few. Like, they started 'Captain America 3' and said, 'You're written into this' and I was thrilled. But also contracted. Let's just say, if they want to make an 'Ant-Man' sequel, I think I'm signed up."

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