Steve Miller doesn't want to make an LP with his current label

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  • 13 April 2016
Steve Miller

Steve Miller

Steve Miller doesn't want to make an album with his record label because he doesn't want to waste his money on people who do nothing for him

Steve Miller doesn't want to record a new album with his record label.

The 72-year-old rocker laid into his label after he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last weekend and said the industry is full of "f***ing gangsters and crooks" who don't do anything to help artists.

Asked if he'd make another record, he told Rolling Stone magazine: "No. I don't think about it at all. There is no record business. I record a lot of things. There is no record business. There's no reason for me to spend any money producing stuff that a record company ... All the people that were sitting in the front row tonight, like the guy that came from my record company, I wanted to pull him by his necktie and kick him in the nuts.

"Yeah. He's made a billion dollars off my work over the last 50 years and the motherf***er just came over and introduced himself tonight. That cheery little thing. You know he won't do any contract work, he won't clean anything up, he won't get anything done.

"This whole industry f***ing sucks and this little get-together you guys have here is like a private boys' club and it's a bunch of jackasses and jerks and f***ing gangsters and crooks who've f***ing stolen everything from a f***ing artist."

Rock Hall President Joel Peresman has since commented saying they had no issues with Steve.

He said: "We really had no issues with Steve. There were some things they brought up earlier about wanting his band to come, which he took care of. His band had a table and they were able to sit and enjoy the show before and after their performance.

"I know there were some issues going back and forth about the standard TV release, which we do with every act every year and it never seems to be a problem. There's always that little back and forth you get leading into a show."

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