Paul Daniels didn't know he was dying

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  • 11 April 2016
Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee

Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee

Paul Daniels didn't know he was dying nor understand he was battling a brain tumour

Paul Daniels didn't know he was dying.

The legendary magician - who passed away last month at the age of 77 - was unaware he was nearing the end of his life in the weeks leading up to his death because the brain tumour - the disease that ultimately killed him - he was battling with stopped him from processing information.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' today (11.04.16), Paul's wife Debbie McGee said: "He didn't really understand [he was dying] because the tumour was pressing on the part of the brain that processes information. When they said, 'Do you want to know what's wrong Paul?' he just said 'Tell Deb.' "

And, although her husband was struggling to process information in the weeks leading up to his passing, the couple - who got married in 1988 - made sure they told each other they loved one another "every 10 minutes" right up until he died.

Debbie, 57, said: "We told each other we loved each other every 10 minutes. Three days before he died... I was kneeling on the bed and I went, 'I love you darling' and he just went, 'I know!'"

Paul found out he was battling with a brain tumour just four weeks before he passed away and, although he was initially being cared for in hospital, Debbie was determined to get him home so he could spend his final days in comfort and around his beloved friends and family.

She said: "The last two weeks he was at home. We had one fantastic week. And my big thing was that I had to get him home. The torture was that if he stayed in hospital and I never got him back to the house - I couldn't bear the thought that he'd never come home. So once I knew I could get him home then I just thought, 'Well, whatever time we have left ... this has got to count.' "

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