Ariana Grande teases details of Dangerous Woman video

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 April 2016
Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Pop beauty Ariana Grande has made a "weird" second video for 'Dangerous Woman'

Ariana Grande has revealed she has made a "weird" second video for 'Dangerous Woman'.

The 22-year-old beauty has revealed she is "excited" for her fans to see the second video for the track, and has offered an insight into what they can expect.

She told MTV: "There's one more coming. I'm excited about it.

"This one's more cinematic and weird and tells a story. It's very different from the first one. I wanted to do a sexy, simple, more glamorous video, which was visual one. And then the second one is very different ... it's very weird."

Meanwhile, Ariana revealed recently that she "almost died" when a prop malfunctioned during her tour last year.

The pop princess was waiting to be propelled on stage when the contraption snapped and nearly crushed her during her Honeymoon tour in 2015.

She explained: "Opening night of my Honeymoon tour I almost died. For real, I'm not exaggerating. I usually exaggerate, but I'm not.

"You know how they have those toaster things where people come up from the stage and you pop up? Something happened with mine and I was singing the beginning of 'Love Me Harder' and I was going up on the thing, and long story short, the thing I was standing on had this wooden plank and it snapped!"

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