Danny Cipriani accused of sending flirty messages to model

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 April 2016
Danny Cipriani

Danny Cipriani

The 28-year-old rugby hunk recently split from TV presenter Kirsty Gallagher, 40

Danny Cipriani reportedly sent a series of saucy messages to model Danni Levy while he was dating Kirsty Gallagher.

The 28-year-old rugby hunk recently split from the TV presenter, and he has now been accused of sending provocative text messages to another woman during their relationship.

Danni told a friend: "I really liked Danny and was flattered that he gave me so much attention. He would always tell me how gorgeous he found me and what an amazing body I have.

"He was so sexual that when we first started talking I joked that I was going to save him as 'sex pest' in my phone."

Danni apparently thought he was intending to split from Kirsty, and yet their relationship continued for months afterwards.

According to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, Danni said: "I know I shouldn't have been messaging him at the time, but I thought he was going to split up with Kirsty immediately.

"Instead he let it go on for ages before he ended their relationship. He obviously wanted to have his cake and eat it as well.

"And despite his claims that he didn't want to hurt Kirsty, his actions prove he didn't care."

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