Rob Brydon turned down 'a ton' of movie offers

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  • 7 April 2016
Rob Brydon

Rob Brydon

Comedic star Rob Brydon plays a dwarf named Gryff in the upcoming fantasy sequel 'The Hunstman: Winter's War' - opposite Chris Hemsworth - but passed up a string of job offers before accepting this one

Rob Brydon turned down the chance to star in "a ton of films".

The 50-year-old comedic actor stars as Gryff the dwarf in the upcoming fantasy sequel 'The Hunstman: Winter's War' but has admitted he actually passed up a string of other job offers beforehand because he wasn't impressed with them.

Speaking about making a Hollywood blockbuster, he said: "I enjoyed it. It's just a question of the opportunities you get. I could have been in a ton of films but they didn't appeal to me. You choose from what you're offered, and what you're offered depends on where you're perceived to be on the ladder of the business at any one time."

The Welshman appears in the movie with Australian hunk Chris Hemsworth - who reprises his role as king of the Norse gods, Thor - and was "awfully impressed" with the 32-year-old actor's acting ability and down-to-earth approach.

Speaking to Shortlist magazine, he said: "He is one of the nicest people. Very relaxed with his status and just an awfully nice man. I think a lot of people think that what an actor like him does is effortless and, of course, it's not.

"I was awfully impressed by him. Both as an actor and especially as a person."

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