Neighbours' Aaron Brennan to blame for explosion?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 April 2016
Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson has hinted his character Aaron Brennan may be to blame for the recent fatal explosion at the Lassiter's hotel in 'Neighbours'

Neighbours' Matt Wilson has teased his character may be the culprit behind the recent fatal Lassiter's explosion.

The 27-year-old actor has hinted his buff alter-ego Aaron Brennan is to blame for the horrific blast, which claimed the lives of long-standing residents Josh and Doug Willis (Harley Bonner and Terence Donovan, respectively), after he was seen loitering around the hotel in the run-up to the blowout.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "This gets dragged out for Aaron for a long time. So he's got a guilty conscience about something. It's so complicated and it's probably the most complicated thing that I've done so far."

But the stripper won't just have to come to terms with potentially having blood on his hands, as the actor has admitted his on-screen ex-boyfriend Nate Kinski's (Meyne Wyatt) return to Erinsborough is set to shake things up.

Matt - who joined the soap last year - explained: "Nate - his ex-boyfriend - is back in town unexplained, he didn't say why he was coming back, so he's got like a romance he has to sort out all while having emotions for other things."

'Neighbours' airs on Channel 5, weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.

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