Walking Dead has finished, where next for your zombie fix?

Walking Dead has finished where next for your zombie fix?

Best up coming undead TV, comics, books and films

Season 6 of The Walking Dead came to an abrupt end. A brutal cliffhanger that left fans reeling. Some hated it, some loved it, but most agreed was a suitably savage introduction to TWD's next major villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). And if you can't wait for series 7 in October where do you turn to for your next hit of zombie action?

First we'd urge you to check out classic movies: Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Zombie Flesh Eaters and Return of the Living Dead. And if you have a UK Netflix account Re-Animator, Zombieland, Life After Beth, World War Z and The Returned (both the original French series and the US remake) are all currently available. Then if you have the appetite for more rotting flesh read on for a quick guide to some of the best upcoming zombie films, television and literature.


Fear The Walking Dead: Season 2
The obvious next best thing is Fear The Walking Dead the official spin off series. This time we're following a new group of survivors in California at the very start of zombie outbreak. Season 2 screens on BT exclusive AMC Global from Mon 11 April.

Smart and sassy zombie comedy loosely based on Chris Roberson and Mike Allred's comic series. Adapted for TV by the team behind Veronica Mars starring Rose McIver as Olivia Moore a young zombie working in the county morgue. Seasons 1 and 2 now on Netflix.

Second Chance
Sort of vaguely zombie-y mixed with a hefty dose of Frankenstein with a modern twist. Second Chance follows the life and death of a Washington lawyer Jimmy Pritchard who is brought back from the dead in the body of a younger man (Robert Kazinsky) after he is murdered. Didn't get great reviews when it screened in the States but you can make up your own mind when it airs on Universal Channel, Thu 12 May.

Swapping the undead for possessions and exorcism, admittedly Outcast has nothing to do with zombies but it is based on another comic from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. FOX, 7 June.

Z Nation: Season 3
First TV show from mockbuster specialists The Asylum who gave us such classics as Snakes on a Train, The Da Vinci Treasure, Transmorphers and Sharknado. Z Nation knows it can't compete with Walking Dead's budget instead concentrating on gore and laughs. Season 3 is expected late 2016 on Pick.


Recently screened at FrightFest in Glasgow Pandemic puts you in the thick of the action shot entirely in first person point of view as Lauren (Rachel Nichols) searches LA for uninfected survivors. On DVD from Mon 23 May.

There are tons and tons of crappy cheapo zombie movies released every year. Most aren't even worth a mention but Zoombies at least looks like it could offer some gloriously trashy 'so bad it's good' giggles as the creatures at Eden Wildlife Zoo go berserk. As the tagline says: 'Half Animal. Half Zombie. All Killer.' Available on DVD, Mon 13 Jun.

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
Jane Austen's classic is reworked, chewed up and regurgitated with added zombies. Coming to DVD and Blu-ray, Mon 27 Jun.

Patient Zero
Taking a similar idea to 28 Days Later, Patient Zero might not be about zombies in the strictest sense of the term but concerns a virus that turns most of humanity into 'The Infected'. Matt Smith leads the hunt for a cure. General release, Fri 16 Sep.

World War Z 2
The sequel to the highest budget zombie film of all time. Not many details as yet except that Brad Pitt is expected to return. General release, Fri 9 June, 2017.

Books / Comics

The Walking Dead
Go back to the source, the comic that spawned the TV series. While it hits many of the major plot points the nuts and bolts are significantly different so it's still packed with surprises even for the biggest fans of the TV adaptation. There are plenty of graphic novels and compendiums on sale now, while issue 153 of Kirkman's ongoing monthly comic is available from Wed 6 Apr.

The End
The seventh and final installment in Charlie Higson's The Enemy YA series about zombie-like virus that affects anyone aged over 14. Available from Puffin, Tue 17 Jun.

Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead: Search and Destroy
The most obvious next stop is the official Walking Dead novels. The first four were co-written by Jay Bonansinga with WD creator Kirkman before Bonansinga went solo. Search and Destroy is the seventh installment published by Thomas Dunne Books on Sun 16 Oct.

World War Z
Ok WWZ has been out since 2006 but Max Brooks' book is still the definitive zombie novel and a must read for any undead aficionado. The film only has a passing resemblance to the book which offers a far richer insight into a post apocalyptic world. Other zombie fiction of note includes Carrie Ryan's Forest of Hands and Teeth, Colson Whitehead's Zone One and SG Browne's Breathers.

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