Questlove warned not to rant about Bowie concert disagreement

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  • 6 April 2016
The Roots' Questlove

The Roots

Questlove was "talked off a ledge" and told not to go on another rant about the reasoning behind pulling out of 'The Music of David Bowie' tribute concert

The Roots' Questlove was warned he would be perceived as an "a**hole" by his manager for his outburst about pulling out of 'The Music of David Bowie' tribute concert.

The hip hop star and his bandmates Bilal and Kimbra were to perform at Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall in New York at a special gig in memory of the late music legend last week, but they cancelled last minute after a disagreement about what equipment they could use.

Questlove - whose real name is Ahmir Thompson - has a lot to say about the disagreement but was talked "off a ledge" by his management during a 5am phone call to not complain any more about what happened.

Ahmir told the New York Post newspaper, their manager warned:" 'Don't say anything more about it because now you're starting to sound like an a **hole ... What you don't want is to give anyone a view that you're not easy to work with.' He talked me off a ledge."

Ahmir decided to pull The Roots' performance because Bowie covers band Holy Holy refused to allow them to borrow their drum kit.

At the time, he said: "Mood. I've never been so insecure or petty as to deny a fellow musician use of ANY of my equipment (or my band's equipment - or resources or contacts or knowledge or ANYTHING) it angers me when that same courtesy is not reciprocated... (sic)"

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