Nick Frost found the Huntsman set was inviting

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  • 5 April 2016
Nick Frost

Nick Frost

Nick Frost has praised 'The Huntsman: Winter's War' director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan for creating a fantastic working atmosphere on set

Nick Frost said the atmosphere on the set of 'The Huntsman: Winter's War' was very relaxed.

The 44-year-old British actor reprises his role as Dwarf Nion in the prequel to 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and has revealed director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan ensured that all the cast were encouraged to have a voice during the shooting process.

Speaking to, he said: "When you're on set it doesn't feel like a blockbuster, that's a name put on afterwards depending on how it does in the cinema. It feels very forgiving on set, inviting on set. Thanks to Cedric and to Chris (Hemsworth) your allowed to say, 'Hey why don't we try this?' And I think it's a very nice thing. It's kind of rare that you get a voice sometimes in a big picture."

Nick had a dwarf double who shot scenes as Nion for the film and the two would hang out in-between takes.

The 'Hot Fuzz' star said: "We hang out all the time, we're not segregated. We're all together and we have out tents and we sit in our little tents and chat and it's kind of odd when your sat talking to yourself. You know a small version of yourself - it's kind of Freudian."

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